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Vacuum plumbing systems can offer a variety of benefits to schools and universities, including water and cost savings, health benefits, construction and renovation benefits, and maintenance benefits.


Water and Cost Saving Benefits::
  • Requires just one-half gallon of water per flush, reducing water use by up to 68%.
  • Reduction in water usage saves money on utility bills.
Health Benefits:
  • Eliminates flush overspray and bacterial mist to improve air quality.
  • Prevents waste piping leaks for a more sanitary environment.
Construction and Renovation Benefits:
  • Saves construction costs by allowing new construction projects to be completed faster.
  • Allows for easy conversion of existing buildings with limited drainage.
  • Eliminates trenching, making remodeling activities faster, safer, and more sanitary.
Maintenance Benefits:
  • Drastically reduces system blockages.
  • When blockages do occur, they can be located at the fixture, making it easier to identify attempts at vandalism.

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