Vacuum Plumbing Helps Increase Safety and Security In Correctional Institutions

by 352adminJune 10, 2013
An inmate’s toilet is one of the most versatile fixtures in their cell. It can be used as a trash receptacle, a “cooler”, a communic... [More]

Vacuum Plumbing – Cost Savings in Health Care Facilities

by 352adminApril 22, 2013
In almost any type of building an AcornVac Vacuum Plumbing System is a clean, convenient and cost saving choice. Vacuum plumbing provides the facility... [More]

A New Weapon in the Fight Against the Spread of Bacteria in Hospitals

by 352adminDecember 20, 2012
For years scientists have been telling us that germs are launched from our toilets every time we flush. Scientists at Leeds University tested the a... [More]