Construction Benefits of Vacuum Plumbing

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"AcornVac is a powerful money saver. For starters, we cut the Authority’s waste cost by $200,000 a year. We saved $400,000 up front in domestic water connect fees because AcornVac’s smaller piping network simplifies everything, and we drastically reduced how the inmates control the jail by eliminating clogged pipes."

John Chaney
AECOM HSMM Project Manager
Western Virginia Regional Jail
Salem, Virginia



Installation is quick and easy. It can be performed after-hours, eliminating customer inconvenience and liability issues. Since the plumbing is done within the envelope of the building there is no washed out concrete slab or rain delays. There is no cutting into the existing electrical, refrigeration or sewer lines.

Renovation and Historical Projects


Accommodates restrictive site and structural concerns, no trenching or cutting of slab. The piping system provides flexibility in plumbing fixture layout and building design.

Open Architectural


The Design enhances space utilization as it requires less space to install. The piping system is installed overhead with other mechanical or electrical systems. It eliminates the need to provide vent and waste stacks, thus reducing material and labor costs.



The piping system uses a smaller diameter pipe than gravity waste systems, yet it can accommodate a range of waste types and flow rates. With a vacuum system, changing the piping connection to go in a new direction is simple and allows for last minute design changes.

High Water Table


Since waste is pushed by air pressure, shallow but long piping runs are possible. This eliminates or minimizes the need for dewatering and trench stabilization which may be required in areas with high water tables or unstable soil conditions.

Fixture Placement


In an existing building plumbing fixtures and refrigeration systems can be relocated or added to any part of the building. The space can be adapted to new occupant or design needs. Turn any space into valuable space with a versatile plumbing system!

Facility Use - Allows existing buildings to be developed when traditional systems are cost prohibitive, due to:

  • Structural limitations such as a post tension slab;
  • Restrictive site issues like bedrock, inappropriate inverts, or a historical building categorization; or 
  • Embedded contaminant in the floor or slab similar to asbestos or other pollutes.