Customer Testimonials

Western Virginia Regional Jail

"AcornVac is a powerful money saver. For starters, we cut the Authority’s waste cost by $200,00 a year. We saved $400,000 upfront in domestic water connect fees because AcornVac’s smaller piping network simplifies everything, and we drastically reduced how the inmates control the jail by eliminating clogged pipes"

John Chaney
AECOM HSMM Project Manager, Western Virginia Regional Jail, Salem, Virginia

"AcornVac provided collaboration, document review, and analytical support during the entire design process. They were very responsive to the project's unique nature and design schedule."

Mark Thayer
CPD, AECOM Roanoke, Virginia in "Escaping the Shackles of Tradition - Green Plumbing Design for the Western Virginia Regional Jail"
Plumbing Systems & Design, March 2010

Trader Joe’s

"With our exposed concrete floor, vacuum technology allows Trader Joe’s the flexibility to move and add additional cases without saw cutting. This allows us to keep a consistent looking floor free of patches and trench lines."

Dave Hetzel, Jr.
Director of Construction
Trader Joe’s East

Salinas Valley State Prison

"We have hardly had any costs in maintenance. If something plugs up, it’s right there at the fixture, making it easy to isolate and fix. The vacuum system is better because everything must pass a valve, and once it does, it can’t be retrieved at the fixture."

Dean Barchacky
Plant Manager, SVSP
Soledad, California

Center for Medical Science

"Essentially, AcornVac made it possible to do our project in confined space for a reasonable sum, and master control over waste water from cradle to grave - an impossibility with gravity plumbing...Ninety-five percent of the work was done right within the space. A nice, neat package."

Jim Hudspath
Project Manager
Center for Medical Science

Commercial Retail Remodel

"The AcornVac System provided a healthy store environment for employees and guest during the construction process.

The system eliminates the saw cutting of the concrete throughout the store floor which would have produced a great deal of dust and residue - no matter how carefully you tarp off the area.

With the AcornVac System, we reduced the amount of construction waste, tile, concrete, carpeting, etc. while being environmentally friendly."

Gausman & Moor
Commercial Retail Remodel
Santa Maria, CA

Capital Engineering Consultants

"AcornVac was very helpful throughout the design process, providing the necessary design and specification input. The installation of the system went very smoothly."

Anthony Colacchia
M.E. Principal
Capital Engineering Consultants Inc.

California Department of Corrections

"AcornVac in combination with other conservation efforts throughout the new facility contributes to a reduction in potable water use by a remarkable 56% and lowered sewage conveyance by nearly 70% through a state of the art vacuum plumbing system."

California Department of Corrections
Salinas Valley State Prison Medical Treatment Center