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Healthcare Design Trends: Infection Control, Universal Design, Vacuum Plumbing & More (video)Healthcare Design Trends: Infection Control, Universal Design, Vacuum Plumbing & More (video) Play
Video AcornVac Features and BenefitsVacuum plumbing has several major advantages over traditional gravity plumbing systems. Play
Video AcornVac Live Demonstration TrailerThe new trailer, currently on the road showcasing the benefits of AcornVac, features a fresh new design, with updated graphics and colors. Play
Video AcornVac Vacuum Plumbing System OverviewThis video provides a basic overview of how vacuum plumbing systems operate by showing the process of moving waste water through the system from beginning to end. Play
Video Eliminating Splash and Mist: How Vacuum Plumbing Systems Create a Cleaner EnvironmentAcornVac's vacuum plumbing systems eliminate the water splash, mist and bacterial migration that are present when a gravity toilet is flushed. Play
Video Vacuum Grease Waste Drainage System OverviewAcornVac provides a graphical demonstration of how a Vacuum Grease Waste Drainage System works. Play
Video Vacuum Toilet DemonstrationHow much can an AcornVac Vacuum Plumbing System handle? Watch the demonstration and find out! Play