Green  Statement
Green Statement

AcornVac provides a greener alternative to the conventional gravity plumbing system, and a remedy in situations where traditional plumbing begins to show its age or can’t be readily accommodated. AcornVac reduces annual water, sewage and maintenance costs, minimizes spread of bacteria, and maximizes flexibility in space planning and design.

The AcornVac Vacuum Plumbing System uses the combined energies of atmosphere and vacuum pressure to move waste through a small-diameter piping network. Using only 1/2 gallon of water per flush, the system effectively removes waste while reducing potable water consumption by as much as 68 percent. Unlike gravity drainage systems, AcornVac is installed above-ground, eliminating the risks involved when trenching and digging is risky or impossible. Plus, the system can be installed vertically or horizontally to provide flexibility in layout and architectural design, as well as a viable alternative to renovation in which a comprehensive “green” makeover may be too expensive.

Because the system works using differential air pressure, any damage to the system piping simply results in air leaking into the pipe, rather than waste leaking out. Water-saving fixtures combined with technologies such as AcornVac create even safer environments by controlling vaporization of flush cycle and minimizing the spread of bacteria. At the same time, these integrated products and systems conserve resources and money.

About Acorn Engineering

AcornVac is the latest division of Acorn Engineering Company. Established in 1954, Acorn Engineering is a USGBC member and leading U.S. manufacturer of water-and energy-saving plumbing products for commercial, hospitality and residential use. Acorn innovations enable designers to earn LEED points for new buildings and offer significant reductions in cost and energy use for new or existing properties. Products ship efficiently from Acorn’s factories in North America to ensure products travel a shorter distance with minimal impact on the environment. Because Acorn Engineering researches, designs and manufactures all its products, customers have the benefit of going to one supplier to get the job done. In this way, Acorn supports a “whole building” approach to commercial sustainability, meaning that we offer integrated solutions to all of a green building’s challenges.

  • 0.5-Gallon Flush - Reduces water consumption by 68%
  • LEED point opportunity
  • Green retrofit opportunity
  • No digging required
  • Planning and design flexibility
  • Lower maintenance and operational costs