AcornVac Limited Warranty

AcornVac warrants that all of its products are free from defect in material or workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one year from date of shipment. AcornVac liability under this warranty shall be discharged solely by replacement or repair of defective material, provided that claim is made in writing to AcornVac within one year from date of shipment.

This warranty does not cover installation or labor charges, and does not apply to materials which have been damaged by other causes, such as mishandling, improper care, or abnormal use. Where claims for defect are made, the defective part(s) shall be delivered to AcornVac, Inc. prepaid, in Chino, California, for inspection. AcornVac will not be liable for the cost of repairs, alterations, replacement, or for any expense connected therewith made by the owner or his agents, except upon written authority from AcornVac’s Chino offices. AcornVac will not be liable for any damages caused by defective material or poor workmanship, except for replacements, as provided above. Buyer agrees that AcornVac has made no other warranties either expressed or implied in addition to those above stated, except that of title with respect to any of the products or equipment sold hereunder and that AcornVac shall not be liable for general, special, or consequential damages claimed to arise under the contract of sale.