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What happens if the vacuum piping network develops a leak?

A: Since the piping is maintained under a continuous vacuum, any leaks that might develop will draw air INTO the pipes, preventing waste infiltration. The Acorn Vac Center is equipped with several alarm features that help alert maintenance personnel of any leaks that might develop in the vacuum piping network.

  • For small leaks that lead to frequent pump cycling, an alarm will be generated indicating “Too Many Vacuum Pump Starts per Hour”.
  • For moderate leaks that might keep a pump running continuously, an alarm will be generated indicating that the “Vacuum Pumps have run too long”.
  • Should a major leak occur which causes the vacuum pressure to drop below minimum safety levels; the Vac Center will generate a “Low Vacuum Pressure” alarm. Since the vacuum piping network exists in the overhead structure, finding and correcting vacuum system leaks is easily accomplished. By comparison, leaking pipes in an underground system may go undetected for years, possibly contaminating the surrounding area or water table.