Vacuum Centers

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AcornVac is pleased to offer vacuum centers for smaller applications. Vacuum Centers are tailored for projects with limited drainage requirements. They are designed to provide a fast and practical drainage solution for most retrofit, remodel and new construction environments.

AcornVac’s Vacuum Centers eliminate the requirement for costly saw cutting and trenching for renovation projects requiring drainage where no immediate access to conventional underground sanitary waste lines exist, and allows projects to be completed in a fraction of the time. *The maximum capacity of each system is based on maximum load point value or “LPV” (see chart below) and maximum continuous flow rate.

Selecting the Right System

Vacuum Centers provide a framework for system sizing and application. Our systems are competitively priced to provide a cost saving alternative to conventional plumbing fixtures and equipment. These systems can be installed practically anywhere to supply drainage—even at remote locations in an existing building. They are great for tenant applications, big box retailers and distribution centers.