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Plumbing Renovations Made Easy

AcornVac vacuum plumbing systems can be of tremendous benefit in the renovation of historical buildings in which both mechanical design and preservation of the existing structure must be taken into consideration.


Design Benefits
  •  Accommodates restrictive site and structural concerns, no trenching or cutting of slab.
  •  Provides flexibility in plumbing fixture layout and building design.
  •  Allows relocation of existing plumbing fixtures and refrigeration systems to adapt to new occupant or design needs.
Installation Benefits
  •  Fast and easy installation can be performed after-hours, eliminating customer
  •  Leaves existing electrical, refrigeration and sewer lines intact.
  •  Installs entirely within the envelope of the building to eliminate washed out concrete slab or rain delays.
  •  Requires less space to install.
Cost Benefits
  •  Eliminates the need to provide vent and waste stacks, thus reducing material and labor costs.
  •  Allows existing buildings to be developed when traditional systems are cost prohibitive because of structural limitations.
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"The AcornVac System provided a healthy store environment for employees and guest during the construction process.

The system eliminates the saw cutting of the concrete throughout the store floor which would have produced a great deal of dust and residue - no matter how carefully you tarp off the area.

With the AcornVac System, we reduced the amount of construction waste, tile, concrete, carpeting, etc. while being environmentally friendly."

Gausman & Moor
Commercial Retail Remodel
Santa Maria, CA

Renovation Project References

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
Washington, District of Columbia


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