Service and Maintenance Benefits of Vacuum Plumbing

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"There have hardly been any problems raised to my level of attention. I have no mainline blockages to report, and I haven’t had to order any replacement parts. It’s been a big benefit having this type of system at our facility."
Sam Ochoa, Plant Manager

Low Maintenance


The vacuum interface components have been tested to well over one million cycles without failure. These components have no regular preventive maintenance requirement.



With hundreds of installations, small and large, worldwide, our systems have a proven track record of providing reliable and efficient performance.

Plumbing Issues


The operational dynamics of a vacuum system results in fewer main-line blockages, reducing maintenance cost and disruptions. Center collection tanks in the vacuum system.

Did You Know?

Depending on the depth of the sanitary sewer and the distance to a point of connection with existing sewer service, the cost of gravity waste pipe trenching can be expensive – in some instances over $225 per linear foot. After less than 100 linear feet, AcornVac provides a cost saving solution!