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Stop by and visit our corporate headquarters and see a fully-functioning vacuum plumbing system installation, including condensate; trade waste and sanitary waste collection and discharge; liquid ring pump packages; and a transparent piping network for viewing the dynamics of vacuum plumbing systems.

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13818 Oaks Ave
Chino, CA 91710 USA

Live Vacuum Plumbing Demonstration Center

Bringing a time-proven and cost-saving technology to your doorstep

The mobile showroom, currently on the road showcasing the benefits of AcornVac, features a new visitor-friendly, welcoming design with two entry points and an open-window concept for better viewing and demonstration.

The interior of the trailer boasts a fully-functioning vacuum plumbing system, plus updated, working fixtures, including a Whitehall scrub sink, Acorn Safety eye/face wash, and Acorn Engineering 0.45 GPF vacuum porcelain toilet and carrier. Our mobile showroom allows us to offer live demonstrations of how vacuum plumbing works, as well as its many benefits in various industries:

      • Institutional: Water-savings and drastically reduced instances of blockage
      • Healthcare: Reduced risk of contamination from airborne bacteria
      • Commercial: Reduced renovation time and cost-savings

AcornVac Live Demonstration Trailer

Live Vacuum Plumbing Demonstrations

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Tel: (800)-591-9920 or (909) 902-1141

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